frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Will my air conditioning system be serviced when i have a normal engine service with a dealer or independent garage?

no – the air conditioning is an independent system and will not be touched within a standard engine service

How often does my air conditioning system need a service?

we recommend to get your air conditioning system serviced once a year to ensure it operates in tip top condition

What gas does my air conditioning system run on?

the air conditioning system runs on r134a refrigerant gas

What happens if i don't get my air conditioning system serviced regularly?

your vehicle air conditioning system runs on a specific amount of refrigerant gas, over time this gas can gradually leak out through dry seals and connections, this will make the system less efficient and not reach the required cool temperature. Pag compressor oil is also added to the system when serviced which lubricates the system, if the compressor runs low on oil it may sieze causing major damage to the air conditioning leading to very costly repairs.

How much does a air conditioning service cost?

the price for a standard air conditioning service on a car carried out at our workshop is approximately £40.00 + vat

If i don't use my air conditioning system very often will it last longer and not have to be serviced as often?

no – it is recommended that you use your air conditioning all year round to keep the system working and lubricated. Air conditioning air is dry air therefore will clear your windscreen of moisture faster than normal air/heat from your internal blower motor in the winter.

What are the common system failures?

1. Lack of gas due to sporadic or no servicing
2. Gas leakage due to a leaking air conditioning condensor. The condensor is a heat exchanger which looks very similar to the engine radiator and is positioned to the front of the vehicle infront of the engine radiator therfore it can be subject to stone damage etc.

My air conditioning system smells horrible when operating, why is this and can the problem be solved?

as the air conditioning system operates, the evaporator Which is the heat exchanger under the dashboard, frosts and defrosts in cycles and as condensation and water run off the defrosting evaporator it collects in a drip tray beneath and then runs out of the drip pipe under the car. As the drip tray is constantly moist it is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria causing a nasty smell. This can be Cured by using a special evaporator cleaning and coating Chemical applied in a specific manor, this usually costs approximately £25.00 + vat.

Does my car use more fuel when using the air conditioning system?

A yes it does but only slightly, you would use more fuel if you were driving down the motorway with your window open to keep cool


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